When using the SMTP Service to capture signals from Tradestation, a few steps are necesary.


Ensure Your ITC Connections Are Online

Ensure that the status indicator for both your Account Connection and the SMTP Service are green.  If not, click the status indicator to start the SMTP Service or Connect to your Provider.


ITC SMTP Service Connection Status


Configure Tradestation's eMail Alerts

1.Within Tradestation, open a TradeManager window.

2.From the View menu, select TradeManager Preferences.

3.Enable e-mail notification for Strategy Active Order, Strategy Canceled Order, Strategy Filled Order, and Strategy Replaced Order.


TS TradeManager


4.Click the Configure... button and match your settings to the following:


TS Email Settings


5.Click the Test button.  If you have configured everything correctly, Tradestation will display a Message Box indicating that the test message has been sent successfully and Independent Trader Central will acknowledge receipt of the message in the Message Log.


TS Test Email Sent


ITC TS Test Email Received


Configure your Charts


IMPORTANT:  See Mapping Symbols


For each chart that you wish to automate, open the Format Strategies window and ensure that "Generate strategy orders for display in TradeManager's Strategy Orders tab" is checked. Do not check the "Automate execution using..." box unless you want to automate your strategy live both at Tradestation and using ITC.


TS Format Strategy


Rename Your Workspace

Independent Trader uses the name of your workspace to capture some very important information.  As such, it is important to name your workspace correctly.


Workspace Name Format



Example:  ITC;CQG Demo.123456;MyWorkspace


Advanced Options

You can specify multiple accounts and size multipliers by modifying the workspace name.  Be sure that all size multipliers are integers.




Example:  ITC;CQG Demo.111111=1,CQG Demo.222222=2,CQG Live.333333=10;MyWorkspace



- If your workspace name does not start with "ITC", all orders from that workspace will be ignored.

- The primary field separator is a semicolon (;).

- The order of the fields is important.