1.Enter Your Independent Trader Central License

Shortly after you join, you will receive an email from ITC Support containing your license code.  Paste this license code into the License Manager window.


License Manager


If your license is valid, you will see a message in the Status Bar at the bottom of the License Manager indicating your Name, Independent Trader Club Member Level, and Expiration.  Once you see this message, simply close the window and ITC will launch.


2.Connecting to CQG

Once you have successfully launched ITC, the next step is to get connected to CQG.  Open the Connection Manager and locate the CQG connection.


CQG Connection


Enter your CQG Continuum Connect Username and Password, which have been provided by your broker/FCM, and if you wish you may change the Connection Name.  Click the Connect button to connect to your broker via CQG.


3.That's it!

Once you've connected successfully, your accounts, orders, and positions should populate within a few seconds.  You are now able to place orders, manage your orders and positions, view data, and use the ITC API and SMTP Services.