Order Management is done through the ITC Orders Panel.


ITC Orders


Like all ITC Panels, the Order Management Panel can be sorted, filtered, grouped, etc. to suit your needs.  Also, not all actions can be applied to all orders.  ITC will show/hide the actions which are available when a particular order is selected.


ITC will automatically register any Instrument for which there is an order as tradable with the Instrument Manager.


Modifying Orders

To modify an order, first select it by clicking on the order.  Then, using the input fields at the top of the Panel, set the new order parameters and click Modify.


Canceling Orders

Orders can be canceled using the button attached to the order.  They can also be canceled by selecting the order and clicking the Cancel button at the top of the Panel.


Canceling Multiple Orders

To cancel multiple orders, select multiple orders by holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys while clicking on the orders.  Cancel the selected orders by clicking the Cancel Selected button.


Canceling All Orders

The Cancel All button will cancel all open orders.


Activating Suspended Orders

A Suspended order can be activated by selecting it and clicking the Activate button.