ITC Market Depth

Independent Trader Central features a performance-optimized Market Depth Panel with millisecond timestamps capable of processing over 4 million quotes per second.


Selecting the Instrument

To select or change the instrument, choose a new symbol from the drop-down at the top of the panel.


Keep-Visible Rows

The numeric input box at the top of the Panel is used to set the number of rows to keep visible.  Rows are counted from the inside bid/offer and rows are counted whether or not they contain data.


In some situations, this can cause the data to appear to "vibrate" rapidly up and down. This can be cured by lowering the Keep-Visible Rows setting or increasing the height of the panel.


A setting of zero disables the Keep-Visible feature entirely, allowing the entire order book to scroll off the screen if prices move far enough.



Note that Timestamps are set by the exchange or provider, not by ITC.  Depending on network latency, you may be able to observe a difference between your local clock and the timestamps in ITC.


Hiding Columns

As always, columns may be hidden by right-clicking the column header and de-selecting the column in the Column Chooser.