Welcome to Independent Trader Central, one of the featured benefits of Independent Trader Club Membership.  As an ITC Member, you will enjoy...


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Highly Customizable Interface

Independent Trader Central features a modern, highly customizable interface with each discrete function encapsulated in a Panel that can be floated, docked, hidden, or tabbed as you desire.  In addition, all tables include powerful sorting, filtering, grouping, and column selection capabilities.  Combined, these features ensure that you can see all the data you need to see in exactly the way you want to see it.


Millisecond Timestamps

Unlike other platforms, Independent Trader Central shows you full millisecond resolution on every single timestamp throughout the platform.  We are proud of the performance we have been able to achieve and it is our mission to ensure that ITC runs as efficiently as possible under all circumstances.


High-Speed, Zero-Code SMTP Integration

ITC's Zero-Code SMTP Integration is capable of processing over 1,000 orders per second, meaning that you no longer have to sacrifice speed for simplicity.  When you desire more control than capturing email alerts can provide but don't want to give up the simplicity of SMTP integration, ITC's supplementary SMTP functions can be called directly from your EasyLanguage code to augment SMTP alert capture without invoking the full API Service.  For even more control, a mixed SMTP and API approach can be used.  Code samples and tools are available to Independent Trader Club Platinum Members.


Full-Control API Integration

ITC exposes a .NET API with COM wrappers which can be used in any third-party or custom platform.  ITC also provides extensive EasyLanguage wrapper functions to give you full control over your Tradestation Strategy automation.


Add-Ons, Code Samples, and Tools

Independent Trader Club Platinum Members have access to the Club's growing library of downloadable ITC add-ons.


High Performance Market Depth

Independent Trader Central's DOM can process more than 4 million quotes per second, more than most quote Providers can serve.


Advanced Order Types

ITC supports all advanced order types supported by its Connection Providers, including AON, FOK, Iceberg, Funari, GTT, and GTD.