Integration with Other Platforms

Independent Trader Central provides two primary methods for integrating with third-party platforms.


High-Speed, Zero-Code SMTP Integration

Independent Trader Central's Zero-Code SMTP Integration is capable of processing over 1,000 orders per second, meaning that you no longer have to sacrifice speed for simplicity.


When you desire more control than capturing email alerts alone can provide but don't want to give up the simplicity of SMTP integration, ITC's supplementary SMTP functions can be called directly from your EasyLanguage code to augment SMTP alert capture without invoking the full API Service.


For even more control, a mixed SMTP and API approach can be used.


API Service

Independent Trader Central exposes a .NET API and provides COM wrappers which can be used in just about any third-party or custom platform.  EasyLanguage wrapper functions are provided as well.


Which Should I Use?

Which approach you should use depends on your strategy and requirements.  The SMTP service is inherently one-way, from the Third-Party platform (e.g. Tradestation) to ITC.  The API Service allows for two-way communication, meaning you can query order status, position information, etc. and act accordingly.


General Guidelines

-  If your strategy uses only market orders, the SMTP Service will almost certainly meet your needs.

-  If your strategy uses market and stop orders, the SMTP Service is very likely to meet your needs, but you may want to employ the supplementary DLLs for finer control.

-  If your strategy uses limit orders, you will very likely want to use the API Service in order to better handle missed/partial fills.


Code Samples and Tools

Code samples and tools are available to Independent Trader Club Platinum Members through the Member Section of the Independent Trader website.