Independent Trader Central stores all information relating to Instruments in the Instrument Manager.  In order to place a trade for an instrument, it must first be added to the Tradable Instruments list in the ITC Instrument Manager.


Instrument Manager

Adding an Instrument

To add a new instrument, type the symbol into the box and hit Return or click Add.  If the symbol is recognized by the connection it will be added to the list.


If the symbol is not fully specified (e.g. F.US.EPZ5), ITC will attempt to resolve the symbol with its Connection Provider. If it can successfully resolve the symbol, the symbol will automatically be added to the Instrument Manager. If the full symbol (e.g. including expiration month and year for futures) is specified it will be added as-is.


If you enter only the symbol root for a futures contract, the current front month for that symbol root will be automatically located and added.


Supported Symbols

Independent Trader Central supports all symbols supported by CQG Continuum, including indices, spreads and strategies.


CQG Symbols

Current list of tradable symbols:

Symbology for Exchange-Traded Strategies:


Tradestation Symbols

Tradestation's symbols can be located using the Symbol Lookup tool within Tradestation.  Wherever possible, ITC will attempt to extract the expiration month and year directly from a Tradestation futures symbol.


Translating Symbols in the API Service and SMTP Service

Independent Trader Central will attempt to resolve any symbol passed to it, including extracting the expiration month and year for futures contracts.


When ITC encounters a symbol that it does not recognize via the API Service or SMTP Service, it first checks the "Independent Trader Symbol Root Table.csv" file in the ITC Program Directory for a match.  If it finds a match, ITC will automatically translate the symbol root and attempt to resolve it in the usual way.  This file should be edited to include any symbol translations that you wish to use.  Independent Trader Club Members maintain an up-to-date file containing a large number of symbols mapped between supported Providers.  This Member-maintained file can be downloaded from the Independent Trader Club Member Area.


When ITC encounters a symbol that is not recognized by the Instrument Manager, it will attempt to resolve the symbol with the Connection Provider.  This lookup process necessarily takes about two seconds and ITC will pause while it takes place.  Because of this, the ITC API includes the ITC.GetSymbol function which will allow you to perform this lookup once at the beginning of your code and store the result rather than in-line.  Of course, the most reliable way to avoid this pause is to always specify the full symbol in your API calls.