Independent Trader Central stores all information relating to Connections in the Connection Manager.  Additionally, the status of each connection can be seen in the status bar at the bottom of the main ITC workspace.


Connection Status


Connections highlighted in green are currently connected, while connections highlighted in red are not.


Clicking on a Connection in the status bar will toggle the connection status.  ITC will attempt to connect to the Connection if it is currently disconnected (red), or disconnect it if it is currently connected (green).


Connection Manager

Each Connection is listed separately and can be managed independently of the others.


CQG Connection


Here, you can assign a Name to the Connection.  This name will be used throughout ITC, including the API Service and SMTP Service.


Username and Password

Before you connect, you must first enter a Username and Password for the Connection if required.  (Not all Connection Providers require a Username and Password.  For example, API Service and SMTP Service do not require a Username and Password.)


Usernames are automatically stored.  If you check the "Save Password" box, your password will be encrypted and securely stored so that you do not have to enter it every time you want to connect.



Click the Connect button to connect.  The Connection Status will update as necessary, and messages indicating the status of the connection (including the reason for any failed logins) will appear in the Message Log.


Connecting Automatically

If the "Connect Automatically at Startup" box is checked, ITC will attempt to connect on startup, using the saved Username and Password.



To disconnect a currently connected Connection, simply click the Disconnect button.


Changing Your Password

For Connection Providers that support it, you may change your password by clicking the Change Password button.


Change Password