Several Independent Trader Central panels feature extremely flexible and powerful tables, which can be sorted, filtered, grouped, etc. so that you see only the information you want to see exactly as you want to see it.


Show/Hide Columns

To display the Column Chooser, simply right-click any column header.  A check mark appears next to the name of columns that are visible.  Click a checkmark to remove it and hide the column.


Changing Column Order

To change the order in which columns are displayed, click on the column header and drag it to the desired position.



Tables appear in many places throughout Independent Trader Central.  Each table can be sorted by clicking on the column header of the table on which you want to sort.  The first click creates an ascending sort, the second click creates a descending sort, and the third click removes the sort.


To sort by multiple columns at once, hold down the shift key while clicking on the column headers.



Most columns in Independent Trader can be filtered.  To filter by data in a particular column, hover over that column's header.  If the column can be filtered, the filter glyph will appear at the extreme right of the column header.


Filter Glyph


When you click on that glyph, the filter pane will appear.


Filter Pane


You can filter by multiple columns by simply repeating this procedure on each column.



Independent Trader supports single- and multi-level grouping based on column values. To group rows by the values in a particular column, drag the column header to the Grouping Area, which contains the text "Drag a column header here to group by that column." when grouping is not enabled.


Grouping Area


To add multi-level grouping, drag several column headers to the Grouping Area.


To change the grouping priority, drag the column headers to change the order in which they appear in the Grouping Area.


Freeze Bar

Slide the Freeze Bar over to freeze columns to the left of the bar while scrolling horizontally.